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1.Authentic and Out of the World TANTRIC MASSAGE in London

The both words “tantra” and “massage” are as old as ancient times. Massages have being used in medical practices to relieve pain and improve wellness. On the other hand, tantra is about experiencing completeness/high stages of ecstasy. When we combine both we get Tantric Massage in London that uses the rituals and practices of tantra to reach your most natural completeness and oneness with yourself. Wonder how tantra works?

Tantra practices began in the middle of 1st millennium CE (1000 BC to 1 BC approx.) and continued evolving until it was correctly understood by a handful of gurus and teachers. A lot of people got interested in Tantra, some for the right reasons and others for the wrong ones. The idea to reach sexual ecstasy is the aftermath of practicing true tantric consciousness. Now you wonder what is true consciousness that is related with tantric energy?

Let’s Discuss…Our Bodies and Need for Tantra

We reach puberty at a very young age and since then we have a desire in our hearts. Most often it doesn’t get expressed, misused, ill treated, suppressed, misunderstood, blocked, or simply un-channelized. There is a dire need to accept that type of energy in us and to understand it too. Our Eternity Tantric Massage in London provides you with that chance to get healed from within and accepted.

The healing begins with freeing of blocked energies and with a free flow of energies within the body. Our bodies can feel at worst too quickly and likewise within 15 minutes of our Tantric Massage at Eternity Tantric London, you would start to feel vast improvement in your overall wellbeing.

In a lot of literature texts, it is said that your body is like a temple and we must take good care of it. It is only possible to reach a state of total timelessness with complete awareness (to be 100% present/responsive), ease (acceptance of the other and self) and non attachment (free from ego and ownership).


Tantra serves many purposes for people from release of trapped energies, increased attention, and incomparable receiving from our experienced masseuse in Tantric Massage at Eternity tantric in London.

Getting a Tantric massage in London from an experienced and trained masseuse is necessary for this and this is where Eternity Tantric Massage are your go to place for it. 


All our Tantric massage masseuses in London are well trained in Tantra massage and they fully understand the hundred of nuisances related with tantra techniques, process and rituals. Contact us today for receiving an authentic and out of the world Tantric Massage in London!

2. NURU MASSAGE - Sliding Body Massage

Diverse therapeutic massages are popular these days, including the sliding body massage also known in Japan as Nuru massage, because of its maintained therapeutic and the exciting result that only sliding body massage can bring you. Notwithstanding that it relieves stress and soothes muscles and joints. In search of the many available forms and means of massage, no doubt that you may have come across “Sliding Body Massage” or “Sliding Nuru Massage”.

Do you know what exactly sliding body massage is and what it can do?

The practice of Sliding Body Massage London traces its roots to the ancient sages of India that formed the teachings in Ayurveda many thousands of years ago. This type of massage is an art of more than the knowledge of which buttons to push for a seductive foreplay to ensure precisely timed climax. Our sliding body massage releases energy which is the force flowing between people in an tantric massage as it gradually weaves arousal with tender vibrations awakening and soothing the body in an intensely uplifting experience.

Eternity Sliding body massage London has been used throughout history to balance the body and the mind by using various techniques. It is a prodigious method for stress management going further by promoting complete wellbeing by balancing the body, the mind, the senses and the soul.
Until recently, people have remained unaware of their own sexual potential thus limiting their experiences and restraining the expression of their sexuality. What people should know is that inbuilt into everyone is the ability to experience euphoric pleasure. Sliding body massage taps into our energy by engaging sensuously and connecting with our incredible potential.
You will be pleasantly surprised to find out you can achieve incredible levels of pleasure and elevated sensuality – guided by the expert hands of our expert and professional therapists that will surely inspire and elevate your senses.

Give us a call today or visit us and book our Sliding Body Massage NOW.

4. Lingham Massage In London


Looking or thinking about getting lingam massage in London?. The lingam has long being considered very intimate to one’s being and adjures god like devotion and respect.

Due to distortion of true love/sharing, most people’s lingam energy gets blocked and that leads to dysfunctional erection (ED) and many related problems in men’s life. Our bodies are perfect as they are, however due to misuse of our bodies ( in one way or another either like substance abuse/over masturbation/blocking of energy/abusing ourselves or others) it causes major energy depletion and lack of important vital life’s energy.

Benefits of Lingam Massage
This is where the lingam massage London could come handy which is to release blocked energy, induce secretion of right fluids, improve oxygen rich blood to the Lingam and help in its normal functioning.

Also lingam massage in Singapore is great way to just feel totally relaxed, and increase your life forming energy and improve one’s overall physical well being. Stress has a very negative impact on one’s llife energy as well (actually complete health) and that directly impacts one’s Lingam too.

Living in the present day of the second revolution of informational technology (with artificial intelligence/chat bots/where everyone is connected over mobile devices 24/7) people are getting more prone to socially disconnected, depressed and out of their natural self and instincts. This is increasing cause of one’s stress and this is true for both men and women today. Again lingam and yoni massage at Eternity Tantric London are a great way to reduce this ever increasing stress of everyday lives.

Usually men are trained towards performance and this leads one to concentrate on just one part of the bigger picture.

Men and women need to be in sync with themselves to really benefit from their intimacy and lingam massage. This is the sole purpose of Lingam massage in London that men get the maximum benefit of this massage and leads to their holistic well being.

Most our clients say that they have never experienced this kind of high energy and relaxing massage. With few of these sessions, most people also show improvement in ED and other related concerns. Getting Lingam massage from a experienced practitioner is extremly necessary to ensure that you get all the benefits related to Lingam massage otherwise you would be missing on most of its benefits.

5. Prostate Massage In London

Prostate massage in London  is another sort after massage at Eternity Tantric Massages.The prostate gland is called the heart of the sexual health because of its function of secreting important fluid with makes part of one’s semen and also improves sexual satisfaction. The prostate gland is walnut shaped gland located between the bladder and lingam.
The enlargement of prostate gland, serious prostate cancer and other concerns like one’s natural urination process. If the prostate gland is not functioning properly, it can lead to lack of prostate fluid secretion, causing many issues and health problems.
Benefits of Prostate Massage
Getting prostate massage is much preferred by many due to its many benefits. The prostate massage leads to release of blocked fluids and helps in new secretion of prostate fluid. It is essential that one get massages for their prostate gland every now and then. 
Most men are aware of their anatomy yet women are not so aware of a men’s body and that is why men are not able to benefit from various natural massages that were part of human’s lives earlier.
 Prostate massage is best done by somebody else since this ensures maximum relaxing, ease and comfort. During any massage complete relaxing and simple awareness and ease are necessary.
Our prostate massage masseuses in London are fully trained in prostate massage giving. They know all the intricate details and responses. When you are getting intimate massage, it is suggested to work with an expert only so that you don’t get disappointed later. Our Bliss Tantra Sensual Massage Singapore masseurs have a minimum of 5 years and they are highly professional in all kinds of intimate massages.
A lot of people don’t give as much attention to their body needs and that is when things excelerate to bigger problems and with a proper prostate massage, one can improves its health. 
If you are searching for prostate massage in London ,you have reached the right place at No 1 Erotic Massage in London. 

6. Yoni Massage London


Yoni Massage can shape a woman’s life in several ways. Besides helping her to find spiritual clarity, it can have a healing effect on the body as well. The exploration of femininity that is Tantric Yoni Massage, can provide a variety of health and healing benefits, which are often overlooked in many neo-Tantra teachings of today.

The Yoni: A Storehouse and a Powerhouse Tantric Yoni Massage
Yoni is a Sanskrit word that refers to the female genitalia. It is the word Tantric use to refer to the vagina. The female genitalia is indeed a part of a woman’s body that she should not neglect for many reasons – some more obvious than others.

For one, the yoni is the home of a very potent and powerful, latent energy and therefore a powerhouse. Because most modern-day women are unfamiliar with tantric practices, this energy lays dormant and stagnant – an untapped potential.

Secondly, the yoni is also a storehouse for emotions and traumas. Due to its internal structure, women tend to internalize much of their outer world in the yoni, making it a woman’s center in a deeply emotional and feminine sense. It should come as no surprise that this eventually leads to blockages and even common female health issues.

The third reason women should not ignore their yonis is because, simply, it is their pleasure and healing center. However, in order to access these innate qualities one must first tap into the yoni’s inherent energy and heal the aforementioned blockages. Tantric Yoni Massage, when done correctly, addresses all of these aspects, plus much more.


3. 4 Hands Tantric Massage- Royal Massage

Explore the power of a phenomenal 4 hands Massage in London 

Two is better than one but four is more than better than two! Four is the best among those two! What are we talking about? This is what’s in store for you when you try our very special and highly sensual a massage called Four Hands Massage. Different therapeutic massages are popular nowadays because of its commended healing and relaxing effect. Of these many types of massages, is the highly acclaimed four hands massage that we at Etrnity Tantric offers that many should definitely try because its effects are way above from the traditional types of massages that almost everyone can encounter.

For the non-initiates; those that doesn’t have an inkling, four hand massage is one of the massages from the Ayurveda (Ayur = life and Veda = science or knowledge) developed by the sages of India over thousands of years ago. Four hand massage is also called as abhyanga.

As the name implies, four hands are used when undergoing this massage. Two highly trained and very competent masseuses are employed wherein these two expert masseuses work together, each one mimicking and paralleling each other’s actions and massaging the whole of the body of the receiver of the massage. The exhilarating and sensual effects of the massage is accentuated by four soft and loving hands of two masseuses that choreograph and synchronize each other’s tender touches wherein one therapist is taking the lead and the other following the other thus making the impression that both are doing the same thing simultaneously increasing the  stimulation of the body.

Benefits of a 4 Hands Massage

  1. The four hands massage, when done well, allows you to shed the walls that negative energies, stresses and anxiety creates and allows you to have the feeling of being cocooned in an overwhelming blissfulness elucidating a totally uplifting and warm feeling. 
  2. Four hands massage is the massage highly recommended for highly stressed individuals that is looking for a totally new experience in rest and respite. 
  3. It lets those stresses, bodily tensions and anxieties to seep out and releasing pleasant sensations run throughout the body and making you crave for more pampering.
  4. Healing in the sense that stress, anxiety and bottled emotions contributes to emotional, physical and spiritual imbalance that tends to have a negative effect to the body. Four hands massage can also benefit you by helping you discover the inner you. It lets you celebrate the joys of carnal and erotic pleasures and can be the basis in building stronger and warmer relationship with another human being.
  5.  Raises kundalini found at the spine’s base. It is the sexual energy; the life force in some cases, that translates to vitality, virility and pleasure. When the path of the kundalini is unblocked, it releases those energy surging throughout the body making the person feel relaxed and active.
  6. Stimulates the body’s chakra also located on the spine. It is an ancient belief that a man’s body has energy paths or channels. When properly stimulated, it helps in the proper healing of the body.
  7. Promotes healing physically, spiritually and emotionally. The release of tensions, anxieties and everyday stresses expels negative energies that blocks and prevents a person from healing and feeling relaxed and active. 
  8. Four hands massage affords the massage’s receivers to release these unwanted energies and achieve a balanced and active wellbeing.
  9. Alleviate personal fears and brings peace, serenity and contentment. Four hands massage lets you feel at peace and relaxed. It relieves accumulated stresses and tensions thus allowing you to experience a sense of clarity and euphoria.
  10. Wiping out of physical illnesses and allergies. Four hands massage stimulates the body’s potent self-healing properties.
  11. Unlock the power of four hand massage Singapore and know how this massage can invigorate yourself and release your build-up emotions and desires. Give us a call and book one of our well-known massages now!

How is a 4 Hands Massage done?

In a four hand massage, two professional masseuses luxuriously work together harnessing each other’s tender touches and using harmonized movements and choreograph to a slow and precise touches using different paces and pressures to stimulate the body and release all the build-up stresses and emotions thus liberating the body, mind and soul of an individual. The effect is that the body explodes with unbelievable sensations and the sensation is almost euphoric!

Four hands massage affords you the opportunity of enjoying four hands —that is two beautiful and professional masseuses — our goddesses of pure luxury and simple pleasure that will help you achieve an almost state of enlightenment through the simultaneously massaging and stimulating your body.     

         Our extremely professional goddesses will guide you to achieving divine relaxation like nothing you have ever achieved and experienced before. With our well-known four hands massage, you will be personally pampered, your body caressed soothingly and smoothly so that they will be giving you the superb relaxation and immeasurable pleasure that two professional goddesses can give and let you bask in sublime and simultaneous sensations and relaxation.

The time for orgasm though is not yet. With our lingam massage our seasoned therapists will bring you to the brink of desire and take you down again, switching techniques to heighten arousal and prolong attention till you finally orgasm like never before.

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